Shawn Murace

At NC Transmission, we are incredibly proud of our ability to build a great, experienced and unique team, and Shawn has fit in with us perfectly.

Shawn is one of our more recent additions and has found a home as our go-to guy for all things diesel, European import and what we like to call “extra special.”  Having a technician with Shawn’s unique set of skills is invaluable to our team and really adds to the range of services we excel at.

Another tech with the innate ability to get to the root of the problem, Shawn excels at BMWs.  He doesn’t just repair them … Shawn has even bought them multiple times.  Shawn is, fortunately, also a Jeep owner or we think Daniel would lose patience with him.   Shawn started “turning wrenches” in the 90’s and his long years of experience have made him a great part of our team.

During his off time, Shawn has been known to train service and alert dogs.  He’s got a whole flock of alumni out there doing good things.