John Gaston

John came to the NC Transmission team as a referral from our trusted Snap-On tool expert.  John was languishing away in one of those chain transmission places and looking for a change.  With more than 30 years of experience in automotive repair and 25 years of experience in transmission specific repairs, John is our “lead dog” when it comes to the extra challenges.

John is a veteran of our Armed Forces which we appreciate every day.  John’s skills are best used in an environment complete with challenges and unique situations, as he has an incomparable ability to locate the source of a problem part.

During his off time, John is an active pet owner of several beautiful dogs, the obedient partner of his patient woman, and yet another Jeep owning member of the team.  If you don’t know which one is John, look for the guy with the extra ink and piercings.  If you come by the shop with your family dog, he’ll walk out and talk to the dog and ask if he can provide a treat.