Daniel Fenti, Owner

NCTransmission_danielDaniel Fenti, the owner of NC Transmission is a Syracuse native who joined the southern migration and ended up in North Carolina in 1994. Before he became a transmission shop owner, Daniel had a very successful career in sales for a variety of industries.

The economy of 2008 created changes and challenges for many people, including Daniel, who after he was laid off spent a few tense months determining his next steps.  That’s when his son, who was 5 at the time, offered a brilliant solution “I know what you can do dad, you can be a car fixer.”

Daniel had spent years working on his own vehicles and was unsure about the prospect of owning a repair shop; but after consulting closely with the previous owners of NC Transmission, he took the leap and bought the business.

From Daniel: “I love cars, from Detroit rolling steel to sleek European sedans, what’s better than the roar of a V-8 or the sucking whoosh of a turbo charged 4? My passion is Jeeps, I’ve owned a Wrangler (TJ) a Liberty (KJ) and now a Grand Cherokee (WJ). I want to build a Willy’s wagon for the shop mascot vehicle, so if you find one out there, let me know.”